Some Overview of the ZOT Zin Blogs So Far.

ZOT Zin Music Blog Overview

I felt like reminiscing over the many cool things we covered so far in the ZOT Zin Music blogs.
Consider this as a quick little checklist, of the many free lessons we have shared so far.

This can also serve, as some sort of “lesson plan”
In addition: you can use this blog to remind yourself of things you might have forgotten about, or things that you feel need more work in your musicianship.

Ear Training

The following list probably covers all the ear training you will ever need.

Relative Pitch Ear Training
Ear Training: 3-Note Patterns
The Ultimate Ear Training Exercises List
David Burge Ear Training Exercises

Soloing and Improvisation Skills

If you digest the following info, you’ll play pretty darn good rock solos.

Single String Soloing
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 1
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 2
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 3
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 4
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 5
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 6
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 7
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 8
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 9
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 10
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 11
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 12
Rock Guitar Soloing Episode 13
Putting It All Together
The Modes
Blues Cliches
Improvising Over Modal Interchange Chords
Simulating Arabic Music On Guitar
How To Memorize The Key Signtures of Modes in All Keys.
How To Memorize The Key Signtures of Modes in All Keys.
Fast Lines With Notes Repeating Over Different Strings

Harmony Study

A thorough study of the building blocks of all our harmony: the interval.

The Study of Musical Intervals Part 1
The Study of Musical Intervals Part 2: The 2nd Interval
The Study of Musical Intervals Part 3: The 3rd Interval
The Study of Musical Intervals Part 4: The 4th Interval
The Study of Musical Intervals Part 5: The 5th Interval
The Study of Musical Intervals Part 6: The 6th Interval
The Study of Musical Intervals Part 7: The 7th Interval
The Study of Musical Intervals Part 8: The Octave
Inversion of Intervals

More harmony study:

The Diminished 7th Chord
The Harmonic Tensions
Secondary Dominants
Modal Interchange
Chord Progressions in Modes


Writing Songs is Easy
Things Every Songwriter Should Know
Some Scale And Chord Theory
How To Write Chords To Your Melody Lines
Melody In Songwriting
The Ostinato: Boost Your Songwriting Creativity
Constant Structure: Advanced Songwriting Techniques
Fretboard Mastery for Better Songwriting
Plagiarism: It Could Happen To You!

General Musicianship

The Difference Between Key and Scale
How To Figure Out The Key To A Song
2048 Possible Scales in Music
Improve Your Fretboard Knowledge
More Fretboard Mastery
Common Misconceptions About Learning & Practicing
A Weird Tuning
If A Tree Falls In A Forest…
Creative Ways To Simulate Different Instruments on Guitar
Visualization and Auto-Suggestion


This is only a small selection of the many cool things we have covered so far, and there is way more to come.
You’re never done with the study of music. 🙂

But this above shows that we covered a lot of ground already.
If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see covered here, by all means, shoot me an email and I’ll definitely consider your suggestions.
It could be from complete beginner stuff to really advanced concepts like for example soloing with triad pairs.


Hit me up anytime at if you have any questions, or if you would like to book a lesson.

These free lessons are cool, but you will never experience the progress, joy, and results that my students experience in lessons when you’re learning by yourself from blogs and videos.

That is why people take lessons: way better results and progress, much more complete information, exposed to way more creative ideas than you can get from a blog or YouTube video.
There is only so much that self-study can accomplish.

If you want to see amazing results and progress in your guitar playing, buy your first lesson here and get started ASAP.

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