The Lessons

The Guitar Lesson Experience

1.  Proven, Strong Results.
A solid teaching plan, a focus on “smart-learning”: short drills.
2.  Top Quality.
24/7 support, vast experience, vast library of resources and song database.
3.  Intense But Tons of Fun.
Friendly, patient, caring, relaxed environment, fun drills, more progress.

Why is this approach so unique and effective?

1.  Tailored To How Your Mind Works.
Short, timed drills and mapped out practice routines = faster progress = more fun.
2.  A Logically Structured Approach.
For maximum results and progress
3.  Inspiring & Creative.
Tailored to your individual taste, style, needs and goals.

What I Teach

You Will Get…
A thorough guitar and music training in a relaxed, comfortable, air-conditioned and air-purified teaching studio, from a very patient, easy-going, friendly, fun, guitar/music teacher who knows what he is doing, and who is passionate about music, teaching and sharing knowledge.The possibilities are limitless