Skype Guitar Lessons

The TOP 7 Reasons Why You Want To Take Webcam Guitar Lessons

  1. No borders or limitations
    Now you can have real guitar lessons with L.A.’s TOP guitar instructor without having to travel to Los Angeles. It does not matter if you live in Japan, Timbuktu, Russia, Zimbabwe, India, France, Iceland or Peru: you can have top quality guitar lessons from Hollywood’s TOP guitar coach from ANYWHERE in the world, for a very affordable price.
  2. Save time
    You don´t need to lose 40-50 minutes on the road traveling to your guitar instructor’s studio on a weekly basis. Don’t waste time having to drive to your lesson, have the instructor come to YOU.
  3. Comfort: Take lessons in your home
    You can have your guitar lessons in your pyjamas, sitting in your living room in your favorite, comfy couch, with your favorite drink and snacks at hand.
  4. Access to knowledge of the world’s best music schools
    Now you can study with a Berklee College of Music and Musician’s Institute trained grad; having access to knowledge provided by the best (and most expensive) music schools in the world, for a very small fraction of the costs that these schools charge for that knowledge
  5. Save MONEY
    You no longer have to spend money on gas to go to your lessons.
    In addition: I have hand outs, exercises and materials on EVERYTHING guitar, composition, song-writing and music theory. You won’t have to purchase any books or materials.
  6. Guitar coach to the STARS
    I am one of the most experienced and most sought-after guitar coaches in Hollywood, the city where the stars live. This is your ONE OF A KIND chance to study with the same teacher who is hired by famous actors and musicians to help them with their musical careers. I will guide you, develop your playing, and answer your questions using the same techniques and principles I use with my famous clients!
    Very few guitar instructors share my stylistic versatility, training and long experience. One of the amazing benefits you get out this is, is that I offer a very solid, guitar training program, that has been developed and refined for over a decade of constant teaching on all the world’s continents. In addition: my students progress super fast because I guide them in how to practice, incorporating techniques borrowed from psychology and meditation and focusing on development of student’s awareness and intuition.

How Does It Work?

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  1. You need a computer, with a webcam and an internet connection.
  2. Lessons take place via Video Chat using iChat/ AOL Messenger or Skype. You will need to sign up with AOL for a free Screen name to use this service or install the Skype application. Get Skype HERE! The service is completely FREE! Using iChat and Skype is completely FREE as well.
  3. Call ANYTIME 310-902-0993 if you are in the US, or Click Here To Send Me An Email if you have any questions. You can also hit me up anytime for a (video) chat on Skype or iChat if you would like to meet me or talk to me in person.
    Add me and come say hi! 🙂 My username on Skype and iChat is VRENY55.
    I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have. I’m here to help you reach your musical goals, and I am known to be one of the best at that.

  4. Your lessons include accompanying materials such as pdfs, MIDI & or mp3 file, and back up tracks. These materials will be emailed to you upon lesson payment. Lessons are completely customized towards your goals on guitar: whatever you would like to work on, is what we will be working on.
  5. I meticulously keep track of your homework and email you a home work sheet with exercises and with a listing of all the material covered in that lesson, at the end of that lesson.
  6. Lesson times are scheduled AFTER payment has been received via PayPal. BUY your lesson or lesson packages HERE.
    To schedule your lesson: call ANYTIME 310-902-0993 if you are in the US, or Click Here To Send Me An Email to book your lesson.
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Cancellation and Refund Policy:

  • There will be no make up lesson or credit for missed lessons. Lessons need to be rebooked or cancelled at least 48 hours before your scheduled lesson time. There is NO refund for late cancellations.

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