Here’s Are 3 of The New Songs I Wrote This Week

I Wrote 3 New Songs This Week

I started 2024 with the whole notion that this was going to be an incredibly inspired year with tons of new music. So far I’ve been writing a couple of new songs every week.

Here are 3 of the new songs I wrote just in the past 7 days.

Can’t Believe You’re Gone, John

A couple of weeks ago, I lost 2 great, special friends on 2 consecutive days. Crazy! I wrote this song yesterday for John.


I called it Satisfaction because the melody and modulations have a satisfying effect on me, but then realized there is already a famous song with that title, so I made it “Satisfaction (I Get Plenty)” (just to be contrary). 🙂


I can hear the heartache of losing 2 buddies in such a short time, in my sound in the following song I wrote a couple of days ago.

Here’s the chord composition for “Present” without the melody.

Hope you enjoy listening to these little songs as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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