Guitar Lessons For Adults

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It’s never too late to start guitar lessons.

Our oldest students are in their late 80’s and still going strong.
Are you in your late teens or early twenties, just out of college, with a bit more time to pick up on this guitar hobby you always wanted to pursue?
Or maybe you are in your mid 30’s or mid 40’s and wanting to pick up on a new hobby or wanting to really boost your musical chops to a much higher level in a short time.
Or maybe you are in your late 60’s, retired, and dreaming of using the time that opened up in your life, to pursue the study of music.

it’s a great move: because various neuroscientists believe that the study of music actually grows and improves IQ scores and memory.
And that regardless of age. You could be 90, and apparently, you would keep getting smarter and you would keep improving your memory just because that is one of the huge benefits of learning an instrument.
Neuroscientists, for example, have discovered an unmistakable link between dexterity exercises and IQ and memory growth.

Teaching Adults vs Teaching Kids.

Teaching adults requires a different approach and skill set than teaching kids.
For one: depending on the kid’s age, kids usually don’t have strong musical preferences or musical goals.
Kids also tend to have a shorter attention span and need different teaching styles than adults do.

Adult students, on the other hand: have more on their minds, busier schedules, lesser time to practice, more responsibilities, and so on.
That is why working with adult guitar students, involves a different approach.

Here’s Why Our Adult Students Absolutely LOVE Their Guitar Lessons.

  1. Very well-defined exercises and drills that help you get the maximum out of your practice time at home

  2. Guidance in how to practice for maximum results

  3. Lessons are catered towards your specific goals. For example: if you are totally crazy about Bob Dylan and are super excited about learning Bob Dylan songs, we’re not going to have you learn ear training, music theory, sight-reading, or anything that is not in line with what makes you excited about music.

  4. Flexible in scheduling. We understand you might have erratic work schedules. You can book a different lesson day and time every week. You can of course also have a standing regular weekly lesson time if you so prefer.

  5. We developed a top-notch lesson plan, that covers anything you can possibly imagine about scales, chords, improvisation, music theory, songwriting, and much more.

  6. There is no limit to what you can learn. You could for example choose to learn a jazz song in one lesson, and learn the classical guitar the week after, or tapping the following week. Anything you would like to learn about music and guitar… you can!

  7. More importantly: we make sure lessons are fun. While we are driven to give you the absolute maximum for your money, we also adapt to your learning pace.

  8. We love teaching music, we love seeing you get better at guitar, and we enjoy doing what we do. As such: we are extremely patient. Patience is part of the teaching job. It’s easy to be patient if you genuinely love people.

  9. People are always surprised at how very quickly and effortlessly they learn with us. (Especially if they already have experience learning with other teachers before)

  10. We absolutely guarantee: you will see the progress that is way beyond what you had hoped for. This is not some marketing or sales talk. 🙂 It is simply the result of 20+ years of teaching experience, 3 Summa Cum Laude Degrees in Music, and a strong drive to keep improving the teaching plan, the materials, and the service. That drive for excellence is why we keep studying the latest literature on psychology, teaching styles, learning styles, NLP, and neuroscience and why we keep outperforming our competitor guitar teachers in Los Angeles. Everything can always improve. It shows in the successes of our students, which far exceed the results of students of other teachers.

  11. We strike a good balance between getting you out of your comfort zone, while making you feel very at ease and comfortable.

  12. Lessons take place in a top-quality guitar teaching studio that is designed for maximum efficiency and teaching work flow.

  13. We’re not just musicians who teach on the side: we teach full-time… and go perform after the last student walks out of the studio. 🙂

  14. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an expert guitarist looking to turn things up a notch, lesson are personalized to whatever your musical goals are.

We’re looking forward to hearing you become really great at guitar.
There is no better feeling than when you hear yourself sounding really great at guitar.

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