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Blues guitar

Take Blues Guitar Lessons and Become an Ace Blues Guitarist

Blues is really fun to play.
It’s typically what people choose play who jam with each other for the first time.

I still remember as a teenager, how much I enjoyed going to blues festivals and how impressed I was with the energy of the blues guitar solos.
In the first 4-5 years of my guitar playing journey, blues was pretty much the only thing I played.

The importance of blues on the development of contemporary music styles, cannot be overstated.
Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Cream, Queen, John Mayer, Pink Floyd… the list is endless with many thousands and thousands of artists and bands who have been influenced by the blues.

While blues might seem deceptively simple: there is quite a lot to learn if you want to get to the core of blues.
From Delta Blues to Chicago Blues To Texas Blues, one could spend years mastering the many blues styles and techniques.

Here’s a couple of blogs you can check out on blues.

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There are more free lessons about blues in the blog section of the site.

The Complete Blues Guitar Curriculum: here’s some of the things you can learn

From Robert Johnson to Buddy Guy to Joe Bonamassa and every blues artist and blues style you can think off.
We can work on whatever blues stuff you would like to work on, or we can give you “the complete works”. 🙂

  1. The blues forms
  2. Learn any blues tune of your choosing under our guidance
  3. Finger pick blues
  4. Blues with alternating bass
  5. Blues chord progressions
  6. Jazzing it up with turnarounds
  7. Covering the styles of specific players
  8. All major blues rhythm guitar styles
  9. All minor blues rhythm guitar styles
  10. The pentatonic scales
  11. The Blues scales
  12. Dominant 7 chord arpeggios for major blues improvisation
  13. Minor 7 chord arpeggios for minor blues improvisation
  14. Slide guitar
  15. Using modes to solo over blues
  16. Chord voicings and inversions for blues
  17. Incorporating lines in 6ths and other intervals
  18. 9th chords, m9 chords, and other chord tensions.
  19. Funky blues.
  20. Building technique
  21. All about rhythm: from swing, to Texas blues rhythm technique
  22. A thorough study of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Texas Blues Style
  23. Soloing tricks and techniques
  24. Making your blues soloing more expressive and impressive
  25. Adding magic with blue notes
  26. The call and response technique
  27. Learning guitar solos from the blues masters or your favorite blues bands and artists.
  28. … and much more.

Hit me up anytime if you have any questions.
Looking forward to hearing you become an amazing blues master.

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