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There are great reasons to study with Vreny

  • - Learn 5x faster than with other teachers
  • - Beginner? Play +30 songs after 1 lesson
  • - Impress friends & loved ones today
  • - Double your fretboard smarts in 1 week
  • - 1 on 1 personalized guitar training
  • - Discover a top guitar curriculum
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Hi, Welcome to ZOT Zin!

With over 25 years of teaching guitar, we bring a very professional, fun and easy approach to learning how to play guitar. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player who wants to learn Rock, Blues, Jazz, or Classical guitar, (or practically any other style), we offer a successful format for learning, a time-tested guitar curriculum that guarantees exceptionally fast results, and a wonderful studio in Santa Clarita, about 20 minutes north of Hollywood.

Our classes are great for all ages, but we mostly teach adults and teenagers. Our students run the spectrum from 14 years old, all the way up.

Our lessons are individually tailored to each student’s specific musical goals, needs, wishes, and skill level. You get a customized lesson plan that caters to what you want to learn.

Our lessons also allow you to discover and develop your own musical identity and build your own technique by focusing on the way you play, how you hold the guitar and the type of guitar.

We also offer online Skype guitar lessons and training so you don’t even have to leave your home to learn how to play guitar!

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What our students say

Fast Progress & Results

"I was at the Guitar Center yesterday playing around with my chords and they said I was coming along really well and couldn't believe I've only had 6 guitar lessons. I said I have a great teacher!"
Kimberly Elise


"While I'm there his full concentration is on me and helping me improve. It's as if that's his only mission in life. He keeps you at your edge so you're always learning and developing."
Malcolm Axon

Customized & Personalized

"He completely revamped his entire teaching strategy to meet my individual needs and make the experience fun, interesting, and productive for me."
Leah King

Great Service

"When I asked him for advice on which guitar to buy, he actually went shopping with me."
Leigh Benson


"He's extremely patient and has no problem going back over the same information until you're confident that you get it."
Cela Scott

Skills & Experience

"He is able to teach any interest or style. He even made the previously daunting area of music theory accessible and exciting."
Susan Miller


"I just wanted to tell you that your lesson on Constant Structure was so inspiring. I've gotten so many ideas because of it!"
Daysmel Muniz

Quality Education

"I have told all my friends about you. You are truly The BEST music teacher I have ever had. This includes college professors."
David Crocco


"He is truly a master teacher as shown by his VIP clientele and the rest of us who receive the same VIP treatment."
Christina Wang

Teaching Style

"Vreny's teaching style is uniquely his own and is one that he's spent years creating: based not only in theory and method but in science and intuition as well."
Andy Cogan


"He creates a learning environment that challenges you but also supports you so that you feel encouraged while you are learning new concepts and techniques."
Lisa Steele


"He is very committed to his lessons because he truly enjoys teaching. His passion is inspirational: I always leave my lessons with a renewed excitement about my playing."
Sarah Schwab

Super fun Guy

"He's the most enthusiastic and positive person you'll ever meet."
Lila French

Believes in You

"He made me feel like I could accomplish anything."
Leah Hanna King

Watch Vreny Play & Teach

Here are some videos of Vreny playing some of his favorite songs and solos.

Also get a glimpse at how Vreny teaches, a look at the studio and a variety of different styles of music and theory.

Watch more videos