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Welcome to ZOTZinGuitarLessons.com

Hi, My name is Vreny Van Elslande.

I’m the founder of ZOT Zin Music, LLC., and am considered one of the best guitar teachers in Los Angeles.

There is this popular “10,000-hour rule” that author Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book about, which states that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at something. In the past 20 years, I’ve been teaching 40+ guitar students a week: every week. This roughly adds up to about 40,000+ hours of teaching guitar. (It would be completely un-Zen of course to assume that that might make me 4 times a master teacher lol: I leave my students to decide upon that)

But in case you were wondering why my students do so extraordinary well and love their lessons so much… there it is. 🙂

Before I started this new guitar school up in LA in 2002, I taught music students in Boston and before that in Belgium, which is where I’m from.

Because of the very high demand, having to turn down too many students who wanted to study with me: I branched out in 2012 and trained other teachers to teach the ZOTZinGuitarLessons curriculum.

With so many amazing guitar teachers and music educators out there, I realize it can be a challenge to decide who to study guitar with.

It probably would help you to know why our students choose us over other music teachers or schools?

Why Us?

  1. ZOT Zin Music, LLC has been the leading private guitar instruction & music school in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles since its start in 2002. We also have the best ratings on Yelp and other sites of all music schools in Los Angeles
  2. ZOT Zin Music specializes in 1 on 1 guitar instruction. We love working with each student individually. It gives us the freedom to work only on what the student really wants to work on. Happier students make for happier teachers.
  3. With us… it’s all about YOU!
  4. Our students become excellent, inspired musicians in no time.
  5. The outstanding results our students’ experience, are due to a combination of a personalized guitar curriculum mixed in with the application of research findings into principles of super-study, psychology, music pedagogy, time management, and neuroscience. This leads to a unique approach to guitar education, that more than any approach, really gets the maximum out of your talent, your focus skills, your practice time, and your lesson investment.
  6. Lessons are fun, up-tempo, with lots of information, conveyed in a very efficient and relaxed way.
    Our students have weekly, well thought-off, fun exercises and timed drills for maximum impact and efficiency.
    The teaching plan is modified to tailor to YOUR specific musical needs and goals.
  7. You will see instant, fast, strong progress in your guitar playing. You will see that instant amazing improvement whether you’re a complete beginner, intermediate, or highly advanced guitarist.
  8. You will feel that amazingly cool feeling of achievement kicking in every week when you learn things you never deemed yourself capable of.
  9. The better your teacher, the better your results, the more exciting and enjoyable your lesson experiences are.
  10. Your fast progress makes learning an instrument even more fun.
  11. That faster progress is also a huge money saver because you get more and better results for your money.

  12. We are extremely patient, friendly, and great listeners. It takes all that to help you become the best you can be in the least amount of time possible. It seems contradictory in an interesting way that it takes patience to get a student to learn quickly.
  13. The more regular you meet, the better your results. We have students who decide to meet 2 x a week, who go from not being able to hold a guitar in lesson 1, to be able to play “Smoke On The Water” and “Highway To Hell” note for note in 3 weeks.
  14. We count quite a number of famous actors, actresses, and musicians amongst our student base. (You can find some on our LINKS page). Would you like to join them? 🙂
  15. Our students time and time again call the ZOT Zin Music teachers: Motivating, inspiring, energizing, positive, caring, passionate, and uplifting.

Contact us now to skyrocket your guitar playing.

Nothing is more fun than seeing & hearing yourself become really good at guitar!

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19913 Egret Pl.
Santa Clarita, CA 91351

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Skype: vreny55

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