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Smarter Kids Through Music and a Student Story

Smarter Kids Through Music According to MIT: if you want smarter kids, they will develop stronger intelligence when they learn music than when they learn to code. We musicians all knew that already of course, but it still feels good when a highly credible institution like MIT acknowledges how amazingly impactful the study of music
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Neapolitan Scales, The Meaning of Diatonic, and Nice Guitars

What Does “Diatonic” Mean? Here’s some info from my scales book. I’ve seen a lot of confusion about the term “diatonic” in my many years as a guitar teacher. Good news: it’s actually really easy to understand. The “di” in diatonic is derived from the Greek word for 2. (and also from the Greek “dia”,
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The Most Underused Guitar Solo Trick You Want to Know About, and Other Fun Stuff

Guitar Soloing Techniques and More Fun Stuff My book “Guitar Essentials” has been doing really well. People are especially loving the vast chapter on 80+ guitar solo techniques, tricks, and concepts. Here’s a soloing technique, not enough guitar players use or know about. Solo with randomly moving 2nds. This improvisation idea uses a scale pattern
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The Detriment of YouTube Learning, African Guitar, and Some Cool Guitars

African Guitar, Jamming and Some Cool Guitars The more you’re exposed to other points of view, other ways of doing things, other techniques, and other styles, the more that exposure inspires and opens up your own creativity. That is one of the many reasons why there has never been any better time to be alive.
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Beautiful, Weird or Interesting Guitars & Funny Memes

Weird Guitar Design White Killer Guitar White and Purple Headless Very Modern White Blue X Guitar White Les Paul Yellow and Black Gorgeousness Some Humor But first… some Eddie Van Halen Wisdom If I got a dime for every time I told my students this. Emo Support Doggie Engrish There’s this really fun website called
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