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Guitars and Jokes I Love

Haywire Guitars With lots of holes A special Ibanez beauty Innovative Blue Bass Another innovative modal A very red guitar Guitar that looks like a knot Extra long cutaway. Must feel very balanced And some humor A more important contribution indeed Inhale Dark Jesus humor, not for everyone Kind of blue I knew someday someone
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How Do You Mute Strings?

The 3 Reasons Why You’d Mute Strings Muting is a very important part of guitar playing. It’s also one of the things guitar students struggle with the most. Depending on the situation, you either mute with your picking hand or fretting hand, or both. There are 3 main reasons why guitar players mute strings: Keeping
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The Roxy Music Rejection Letter, Fun Guitars and Life Lessons

The Roxy Music Rejection Letter I thought you might get a kick out of reading this letter that Polydor record label sent Roxy Music back in the days when they were trying to get signed as a still relatively unknown band. That executive very probably ended up regretting that decision forever, but probably not as
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2022! 2021 is coming to and end. It blows my mind this year is over already. It seems like yesterday when 2021 started. I started 2021 year with the intent to make this my most focused year ever. I’m happy to report that I succeeded. I probably never worked
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Practice & Master Odd Rhythm Divisions On Your Walk (Part 2)

The Footsteps Metronome: Counting while Walking (Part 2) In the following rhythm with triplets, you would want to start off, just counting 1 – 2 – 3 on every footstep, till you get the feel for it. Even more so than was the case with the even-numbered divisions: it is important that you count “oooonneee
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