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The Best Guitar Teacher in LA.

It was Vreny’s goal to become the best guitar teacher in Los Angeles from the moment he arrived in LA in 2002.
Since then, he has indeed built a strong reputation as an experienced, patient, enthusiastic music and guitar teacher whose students progress incredibly quickly.

Through the years, he’s become the guitar teacher that other music teachers study with. Some of those teachers have gone on to get ZOT Zin Music licensed and now teach at Vreny’s school.

It is his mission to make the world an even more fun place to live in, sharing his love for music through education.

He’s been playing guitar for 27 years and teaching for 20 years.

He earned 3 Degrees all Summa Cum Laude in Classical Guitar Performance (Europe), (Jazz) Guitar Performance, and Music Production and Engineering (Berklee College Of Music).

He has extensively performed in Europe and the US on radio and TV. His songs and music have appeared on radio and TV as well as on other artist’s albums in both the US and Europe. Vreny played anything from small clubs to large stage festivals.

Vreny’s company ZOT Zin Music offers private 1-on-1 guitar lessons to students of all levels, from Beginner to highly Advanced Level. The ZOT Zin Music curriculum covers everything music and guitar related.

You will improve incredibly quickly.
The lessons are designed to be fun, and are custom tailored to your needs, goals and wishes: covering all the information and exercises you need to become a strong, confident guitarist who knows how and why things work.

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