This Is The Hardest To Play Song I Ever Wrote

“Glorious Uncertainty” — The Hardest To Play Song I Ever Wrote

As you can imagine, I probably wrote close to a thousand songs ever since I started playing guitar at age 16. Yes, that’s 36 years of writing songs.

Well… of all the songs or pieces of music I ever composed, THIS song is the hardest one to play.
I wrote Glorious Uncertainty” earlier this year (2023) and had to come up with solutions and unusual ways to be able to play the overlapping melodies and harmonies I was hearing.

The result is a combination of fingerpicking, hammer-ons, harmonics, slides, and tapping.

The song showcases some of my typical Vreny-style guitar techniques and composition tools, including: arpeggiated melodies with harsh dissonances, wide open string voicings, voice-leading, intricate harmonic colors, melody repetitions over changing harmonies or bass notes, wide melodic curves, and more.

The video shows me in the process of practicing the song, with bum notes, mistakes, hang ups and all. Here’s the video:

I’ll post another video once I can play the composition without mistakes.
Let me know what you think in the comments below or send me a message. 🙂

Cheers and hugs.

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