Advanced Guitar Lessons

Advanced Guitar Lessons

Go from Advanced to Black Belt Guitar Mastery!

Would you like to expand your color palette on guitar?
Do you really know your guitar and theory as well as you think you do? Would you like to make sure there are no gaps in your musical knowledge and understanding?

Can you not quite yet pull off everything you hear in your head? Do you want to augment your speed and dexterity, or your soloing power?
Ever wondered how to write a string arrangement or backing vocal parts?

Would you like to make music your livelihood, but you don’t quite know how to make it happen?

Some Of The Things You Can Learn Moving From Advanced to Mastery.

  1. Advanced harmony and harmonic substitutions,
  2. Advanced Fretboard knowledge drills,
  3. Sight-reading,
  4. 7-finger tapping,
  5. Voice-leading,
  6. Drop 2, drop 3, drop 2 & 3, drop 2 & 4 voicings in all keys on all stringsets,
  7. Walking bass lines accompaniment on guitar,
  8. Impressive speed picking and sweep picking techniques,
  9. Crazy whammy bar techniques
  10. Advanced altered tuning soloing techniques,
  11. How to apply four-part choral writing and the study of classical composition (traditional harmony) through voice-leading concepts on guitar,
  12. Jazz comping,
  13. Melodic and harmonic minor and their modes, whole tone and diminished scales, etc.
  14. Composition and arranging applied on the guitar,
  15. Tensions,
  16. Advanced fretboard knowledge exercises,
  17. Advanced Ear Training,
  18. All fingerings for melodic and harmonic minor modes in all 12 keys,
  19. Diminished scale and whole tone scale,
  20. Open position triads,
  21. Advanced Classical Guitar Studies,
  22. Triad substitutions,
  23. Modal interchange applications,
  24. Secondary dominants, substitution dominants, extended dominants and altered dominant chords,
  25. Arpeggios,
  26. Advanced improvisation techniques and concepts,
  27. Pentatonic substitution,
  28. Out of key improv techniques,
  29. Advanced harmonic concepts and reharm,
  30. Learning songs and solos from the masters: Satriani, Vai, Steve Morse, Pat Metheny, Dream Theater, etc. or whatever songs you want to learn
  31. How to “WOW” your friends, family and fans with your stage presence and charisma
  32. How to be a pro guitarist and support yourself with your music only

The list goes on; there is no limit to the things you can learn about music and guitar under my teaching.

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