Beginner’s Guitar Lessons

CONGRATS With Your Decision To Learn Guitar!

Beginner’s Guitar Lessons

I welcome you to the incredibly fun and enriching art of guitar playing!

You are about to embark upon an amazing new journey that will give you immense joy and inspire you for years to come.

Not only that: you will find that with every new thing you learn, you will fall more and more in love with the guitar.

As a result: the more quickly you improve and the more effortlessly you learn, the more fun guitar becomes. That is why taking lessons, especially at the beginning stages, is so important for you.

Here’s In A Nutshell What We Will Be Covering:

You will not believe your progress. You will be able to play songs on guitar on your first day even if you have never touched a guitar before in your life.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Day 1/Lesson 1

  1. How to tune your guitar,
  2. Even if you had never touched a guitar before: you WILL walk out of your very first guitar lesson, knowing 3 chords and being able to play at least 3-4 songs. You might be able to play more songs. Guaranteed!
  3. You will learn tricks and techniques tailored to your specific, individual physical build, that will help you quickly overcome the initial physical difficulties involved.

    This is the kind of stuff you can NOT find on YouTube videos or guitar DVDs as that kind of guidance is personal to your specific physical needs and habits. The YouTube video or DVD you are trying to learn from, does not know if you have long or short fingers, big or small hands, good technique or bad habits, etc. Music schools cannot provide that same level of customized attention either as you are sharing the teacher’s attention with other guitar students who all have their own specific needed guidance. This is one of the reasons why our beginner students progress incredibly quickly.

Day 2 / Lesson 2

In your second lesson, you will learn 3 new chords. You will be happy to find out, that it now only takes you a fraction of the time it took you to learn your first 3 chords the previous week because of the muscle and fingering advice given in your first lesson. Now more lesson time can be spent on songs!

Great news: you will leave that 2nd lesson with an amazing feeling and in total disbelief wondering how you are now able to play at least10 new songs.

  1. Strumming and simple rhythms. You will be able to strum rhythms with great technique and feel, in your very first lesson already. Within 3 to 4 weeks maximum: we will also cover THE most commonly used guitar rhythm. Yes, that one rhythm that 95% of all guitarists strum 90% of the time, and you WILL be able to pull it off. It will take you about 3 weeks to get the motor skills and coordination necessary to pull off pretty much any rhythm (including complex rhythms).
  2. You will learn about capos, and how to transpose songs to all keys just using those 10 basic chords with a capo
  3. In the next 2 weeks, we will cover tons of songs that will further make your hand stronger and solidify your chord memorization. Your abilities to change chords will become flawless at this point, and your song repertoire, ear, and musical memory will grow by leaps and bounds
  4. In about your 6th week, your hands will have gotten strong and your fingers flexible enough, to where now you will be able to play bar chords. From this point on, you will literally have the ability to play and learn any song. This is a very exciting time. You will have conquered all the “beginner’s growing pains” hurdles. You are now also ready to bring in any song of your choosing that you want to learn, as you have all the skills necessary to be able to conquer all your favorite songs.
  5. From here on, you’re no longer a beginner now but a lower intermediate level. Things can go wherever you would like to take them to. You have the strength, coordination, feel, sense of rhythm, and knowledge necessary to play songs for your friends, strum at the campfire, and entertain your friends or family at family gatherings, and so on. Of course, there’re whole new worlds to discover still. How about learning your first scales and playing guitar solos? That would be lower intermediate material.

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