Rock Guitar Lessons

Cory Phillips Superlove at the Cabanna Club - Hollywood, CA

Take Rock Guitar Lessons & Impress Your Friends in No Time

Are you ready to experience this incredibly liberating feeling a rock guitarist feels while playing rhythm guitar or guitar solos?

Rocking out on guitar is a fantastic way to release the stress of a long workday.
It’s also a great way to unwind or to work some of the tension out of your system brought on by life’s challenges.

And let’s not forget the admiration when you impress your friends and family with your rocking guitar playing.

Here’s an even better perk: how about getting all the attention. (Yes, there’s nothing quite like a musician’s life.) 🙂

More importantly though: there is great joy in learning music and in developing yourself through music, regardless of whatever your motivation is to learn. Imagine the joy when you crank up the volume on your stereo, jamming along on guitar with your favorite song or rock band.

That deep sense of freedom can only be experienced: it can’t be put into words.

All that being said: there are many types of rock styles.
The good news is: we teach them all.

From blues rock to southern rock, progressive rock, classic rock, grunge, metal, hard rock, pop-rock, symphonic rock, punk rock, rockabilly, surf rock, psychedelic rock, folk-rock or instrumental guitar rock: you name it, we teach it.

We’re very proud of the amazing results our students immediately experience in their guitar playing.

The exceptional success rate of our students is the result of the ZOTZin guitar approach, which is uniquely different from all other guitar teaching plans and instruction methods.

If you would like to read a more detailed explanation (giving away some of the teaching secrets only the best coaches know about) why you will improve much more quickly, why you will learn more effortlessly, and why you will have much more fun learning guitar with us, click on any of the “read more” links below.

The Guitar Lesson Experience

1.  Proven, Strong Results.
A solid teaching plan, a focus on “smart-learning”: short drills.
2.  Top Quality.
24/7 support, vast experience, vast library of resources and song database.
3.  Intense But Tons of Fun.
Friendly, patient, caring, relaxed environment, fun drills, more progress.

Why is this approach so unique and effective?

1.  Tailored To How Your Mind Works.
Short, timed drills and mapped out practice routines = faster progress = more fun.
2.  A Logically Structured Approach.
For maximum results and progress
3.  Inspiring & Creative.
Tailored to your individual taste, style, needs and goals.

What I Teach

You Will Get…
A thorough guitar and music training in a relaxed, comfortable, air-conditioned and air-purified teaching studio, from a very patient, easy-going, friendly, fun, guitar/music teacher who knows what he is doing, and who is passionate about music, teaching and sharing knowledge.The possibilities are limitless

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