Happy New Year — A Fantastic 2024

“Happy New Year! 🙂

It is officially 2024 and, if you’re anything like me, you have decided that this is going to be the best year of your life.

January is typically one of the strongest months for coaches, creators, and small businesses. After all, January is when all those new year’s resolutions start – people want to lose weight, find a new job, improve their business, or tackle their dreams of learning guitar or learning their favorite songs.

I already mapped out my MUST-ACHIEVE goals for this year, and finished mapping out the list of all tasks I will need to complete to accomplish my 32 of my goals for 2024 (I spent hours brutally editing this list!).

Is that realistic? I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. I believe that every person has their own unique methods of setting and tracking success. I personally thrive when I have a ridiculously full calendar. Even if/when I don’t get every single item accomplished, I’m always a bit shocked by how much I did achieve.

What is your goal setting style?
Would you like to share one or two of your 2024 music goals?
I’d love to hear about your 2024 plans and keep in touch so we can all feel just a little bit more connected this year.

Meanwhile, here’s a funny, interesting, innovative take on guitars

And to start 2024 with huge musical goals, here’s a new song idea I wrote on New Year’s Eve at my studio here.

Hope you are doing absolutely amazing.
Best Wishes and a Fantastic 2024, hopelijks with lots of guitar and music in your life.

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