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Take Jazz Guitar Lessons and Become Great at Jazz

Jazz is one of the most complex and most challenging musical genres to learn on guitar.
No other style of music has so much theory to learn, uses so many scales, has so many modulations within a song, or uses such complex sounding chords.
Yet, that steep learning curve is also the reason why jazz is one of the most fun genres to play.

Of all the music styles, jazz is the most colorful one. No other style of music uses such a wide array of scales and harmonies.
Every new scale you learn is like a new language, a new world that opens up.
Every new chord you learn, adds new colors to your rhythm playing.

Like Charlie Parker once said: “Learn everything there is to learn, then forget it all again”.
This is another way of saying, that you want to get such a complete command over it all, that you don’t have to think about it anymore.

Once you get that command, you will find that there is no other style of music as free and as freeing, as jazz is.

The Jazz Guitar Curriculum: here’s some of the things you can learn

From Charlie Christian to George Benson, Kenny Burrell, Pat Martino to Pat Metheny, and every jazz guitarist or jazz style you can think of.
We can work on whatever jazz stuff you would like to work on, or we can give you “the complete works”. 🙂

  1. The Rhythm Changes form
  2. The 32 bar form, AABA form, etc
  3. Learn any jazz tune or real book song of your choosing under our guidance
  4. Finger pick jazz
  5. Jazz walking bass lines
  6. Freddy Green Comping
  7. Jazzing it up with turnarounds
  8. Covering the styles of specific players
  9. Comping over a blues
  10. Drop 2 voicings and all inversions
  11. Drop 3 voicings and all inversions
  12. Drop 2/3 voicings and all inversions
  13. Drop 2/4 voicings and all inversions
  14. The pentatonic scales
  15. The Blues scales
  16. Pentatonic substitution
  17. Dominant 7 chord arpeggios
  18. Minor 7 chord arpeggios
  19. maj triads, minor triad, Aug triad, Dim triad, m7b5, Dim7, Dom7b5, Dom7#5 arpeggios
  20. Modes
  21. Melodic Minor scale and its modes
  22. Harmonic minor scale and its modes
  23. Harmonic major scale and its modes
  24. Whole tone scale
  25. Diminished scales
  26. Hybrid chords
  27. Voice Leading
  28. The Harmonic Tensions.
  29. Jazz vocabulary.
  30. Jazz improvisation techniques
  31. Line Cliches
  32. II-V_I’s
  33. Modal Interchange
  34. Approach chords
  35. Secondary Dominants
  36. Tritone Substitution
  37. Quartal Harmony.
  38. Palette Chart.
  39. Leading tone comping
  40. Solo jazz guitar arrangements
  41. … and much more.

Even if jazz is not your favorite style of music: many of the above topics can be used in rock or blues styles.
The more you expand your taste and your playing: the more you stand out from the rest of the guitar players within your genre.

If you want to become a much better guitarist in no time…

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