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Simulating Arabic Music On Your Guitar

Arabic Music On Guitar I always tremendously enjoyed simulating the music of different cultures on my guitar. There is a certain atmosphere and mystique to the sound of Arabic music that always intrigued me. Arabic music, has a smaller subdivision than our 12 tone music. What that means is that they have more than 12
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Musical Storytelling In Improvisation

Playing A Guitar Solo is Like “Talking With Your Guitar”. In the beginning stages, students of improvisation tend to solo like they are trying to constantly reinvent the wheel. They constantly try to keep coming up with ever new phrases and new melodic ideas, which makes the solo sound like it’s “meandering about” without ever
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Only 2048 Possible Scales In Music

Musicians Highly Overestimate How Many Scales There Are In Music. Many years ago, in one of my first semesters in Berklee College of Music, I read the book “Innumeracy”. Written by famous mathematician, John Allen Paulos, the book was required reading for one of the audio engineering classes at Berklee. The gist of the book,
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A Holistic Organized Approach to Fretboard Mastery.

Every once in a while, a student gets to the point where they covered so much material in such a short time, that they feel like they don’t see the forest through the trees anymore. Part of the reason for this, is that it is overwhelming to practice a billion things in 12 keys. There
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The Harmonic Series and Its Implications On Composition.

The basic building blocks of western music are the result of hundreds of years of experimentation and evolution. Through these hundreds of years of evolution, we have arrived at 12 tones in a tempered scale and 12 intervals that are used in every genre of western music. While the styles of music change, they all
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