3-Note-Per-String Scale Fingerings, Guitars & Humor

3-Note Per String Scale Fingerings

Technically fast guitarists for whom speed and technical playing is a major part of their style, LOVE using these 3-note-per string scale fingerings.

As you can see on the following graphic, those fingerings are not in-position fingerings. Each fingering combines 2 positions; with a physical move up into the next position starting either the G or the B string.

The reason why shredders love using these scale fingerings so much is that the consistency of having 3 notes on every string, facilitates speed. The fretting hand fingers can move faster up and down the whole scale when all notes of the scale are spread out with a consistent number of notes per string.

There’s also an even, consistent feel in the pick attack, alternating the direction consistently on each string change. (DOWN up down UP down up DOWN up down UP down up, etc.)

If you want to get your shred on, you definitely want to spend some time learning those fingerings and then go nuts soloing over your favorite songs.


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