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Neapolitan Scales, The Meaning of Diatonic, and Nice Guitars

What Does “Diatonic” Mean? Here’s some info from my scales book. I’ve seen a lot of confusion about the term “diatonic” in my many years as a guitar teacher. Good news: it’s actually really easy to understand. The “di” in diatonic is derived from the Greek word for 2. (and also from the Greek “dia”,
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The Most Underused Guitar Solo Trick You Want to Know About, and Other Fun Stuff

Guitar Soloing Techniques and More Fun Stuff My book “Guitar Essentials” has been doing really well. People are especially loving the vast chapter on 80+ guitar solo techniques, tricks, and concepts. Here’s a soloing technique, not enough guitar players use or know about. Solo with randomly moving 2nds. This improvisation idea uses a scale pattern
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Jeff Beck’s “Two Rivers”, BB King & Going Microtonal

Having Fun Jamming At the ZOTZinMusic Studio I recently relearned Jeff Beck’s “Two Rivers”. Almost the whole melody is played with harmonics only. The Infinitone: A Newly Invented Microtonal Instrument This newly invented instrument sounds like a sax but can produce 512 notes. A really cool read and there is an audio clip where you
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The Diminished 7th Chord and How To Use It.

Diminished 7th Chords. You Know This Sound You’ve all heard this chord sound before. It is the chord the piano player in silent movies ALWAYS plays when something terrible, frightening, or dramatic is about to happen. The piano player then typically plays the dim7 chord moving up in minor 3rd intervals to build to a
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Answers To A Student’s Questions About The Harmonic Series

Questions People Have About The Harmonic Series. These questions came from my close friend and guitar student Pascal after he read my blog about the harmonic series, which you can read here: The Harmonic Series & Its Implications on Composition. I wanted to post these questions here for anybody else who is interested in learning
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