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Improv Technique: Building Your Next Phrase From Your Previous Phrase.

Repetition Of Musical Ideas Creates A Sense of Direction In Your Solo I touched upon this in a blog in the past, and I want to get a little deeper into this improvisation technique. All too often, when guitar students play guitar solos, their improvisations sound like they are meandering about without any clear direction.
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Boosting Your Rock Guitar Solo Power

Tips, Tricks & Techniques To Make Your Guitar Solos Way More Expressive. This blog will make your solos sound much more expressive. When you apply all the following techniques, you will be playing really colorful solos with a lot of personality and emotion. I feel that there is a need for following information. Most guitar
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My Top 10 Favorite Guitar Rock Solos Of All Time

The Best Guitar Solos Ever These are the 10 guitar solos I have listened to a billion times and that I have never gotten tired off. Under A Glass Moon (Dream Theater) Venus Isle (Eric Johnson) Comfortably Numb (David Gilmour, Pink Floyd) Another Brick In The Wall (David Gilmour, Pink Floyd) Sometimes I Feel Like
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