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My Top 10 Favorite Guitar Rock Solos Of All Time

The Best Guitar Solos Ever These are the 10 guitar solos I have listened to a billion times and that I have never gotten tired off. Under A Glass Moon (Dream Theater) Venus Isle (Eric Johnson) Comfortably Numb (David Gilmour, Pink Floyd) Another Brick In The Wall (David Gilmour, Pink Floyd) Sometimes I Feel Like
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Bob Ezrin: Producer Profile

There is a lot you can learn about music production from reading producer bios or interviews. In following article, Bob Ezrin talks about 11 career defining albums he produced. I wanted to repost it here on zotzinguitarlessons because the interview is very high quality and rich in information. Click here to read Bob Ezrin’s Interview
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Classical Guitar or Nylon String Guitar: What is the best terminology?

Following post we received from Carolien touches upon a preference for the term “Nylon string guitar”. I think a better tenmriology is Nylon String Guitar (when used in Rock or Metal). I am not saying you are wrong or I am not insulting your intelligence. But Guitarists use a Nylon String Guitar to play Classical
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