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One of The Best Rhythm Exercises To Develop Amazing Time-Feel on Guitar.

This is an exercise I give all my intermediate guitar students. Even advanced students often still benefit a lot from doing this exercise. This an exercise to train and improve time-feel, which is the internal clock a musician develops. This internal clock, allows the musician to be completely in control of his tempos and his
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My Top 10 Favorite Song Grooves

This blog is my tribute to the rhythm section. I am very well aware that in a blog about rock grooves, that you would expect lots of Rage Against The Machine, Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham or Red Hot Chili Peppers. Not in this blog. This blog lists my personal favorite grooves. It’s a collection of
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Your Posture and Your Timing and Rhythmic Feel

I will never forget my first advanced rhythm class I had with Mitch Haupers at Berklee College of Music many years ago. Up to that class, I had always been unhappy with my swing feel. I used to have the same reaction to hearing a recording of myself playing swing, as I have to hearing
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10 Guitar Things You Can Practice Without a Guitar.

Although you might not always have a guitar at hand to practice on the spot, there are many things you can still practice when you don’t have a guitar with you. As a matter of fact: really great musicians have gotten to the level they are at, because they are so passionate about music that
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10 Mistakes That Slow Down Guitar Student’s Progress.

Everything is mental. Your progress is for a great deal dependent upon your mind, mental state, thoughts and beliefs. In order to maximize the outcome of your musical development, it helps to be positive and adopt a mindset geared towards progress and towards learning without pressure. Not Keeping Your Focus It’s hard to get anything
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