The Most Underused Guitar Solo Trick You Want to Know About, and Other Fun Stuff

Guitar Soloing Techniques and More Fun Stuff

My book “Guitar Essentials” has been doing really well.
People are especially loving the vast chapter on 80+ guitar solo techniques, tricks, and concepts.

Here’s a soloing technique, not enough guitar players use or know about.

Solo with randomly moving 2nds.

This improvisation idea uses a scale pattern (constant 2nd intervals) without being a melodic sequence (the 2nds aren’t moving at a certain repetitive pattern through the scale).
The idea is simple: Randomly play nothing but 2nd intervals all over the neck, for an extended period of time.
The more (randomly) you jump all across and around the neck, the cooler it sounds.

It’s the combination of random large interval leaps across the neck or across the strings, with the repetitiveness of the two-note second interval pattern motive, that gives this improvisation technique such a unique, interesting sound.

In addition to that, play around with any rhythmic grouping combinations. Just to give you an idea of what that may look or sound like:

I love how this sounds. This is again one of these phrasing and melodic techniques where I wonder: “Why do I not hear more guitar players use this?”

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Have you ever heard of an Otamatone before? 🙂 One of my students introduced me to this fun instrument
It’s goofy, weird, and I love it. Check it out here:

The following had me cracking up: Nirvarnold


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