The In Position Dim Triad Arpeggio

The In Position Bdim Triad Arpeggios

You can learn here about the diminished chord Theory of The Diminished triad

Today we’ll cover the 3 fingerings of the diminished arpeggio.
Knowing following in position arpeggios might help you learn today’s dim arpeggios more easily:

In Position Minor Triad Arpeggios
Major Triads In Position Arpeggios.

Dim triads consist of 2 minor 3rd intervals stacked on top of one another. When you stack 2 minor 3rds (3 fret distances), starting from the note B, you get the notes B, D and F.

Another way to think of this: a dim triad is a minor chord with the 5th down a half step.
Hence: if you already know In Position Minor Triad Arpeggios then the dim arpeggio will be easier to learn.

The dim arpeggios are like minor arpeggio fingerings with the 5 down a fret.
The word “diminished” in a chord name, always refers to the 5th that was lowered. (The words “major” and “minor” refer to the 3rd)

Here’s the Bdim arpeggio fingerings


Here’s 2 alternative fingerings for the 2nd inversion.


Jam with these fingerings till complete memorization
A fun way to practice these arpeggios, is over a G7 1-chord groove backing track. (G7 has the same notes like a Bdim triad: G B D F)

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