Major Triad Arpeggios In Position.

Major Triad Arpeggios In Position.

The 3 in-position C major chord arpeggio fingerings.

You can find those fingerings transcribed below.

Major Triad In Position Arpeggio

Some of The Benefits You Get from Practicing Arpeggios

  1. It does wonders to your picking technique
  2. Arpeggio practice improves dexterity and coordination between the 2 hands
  3. It improves your fretboard knowledge (especially if you think of the notes while playing them instead of just focusing on visual/finger patterns)
  4. It improves your harmony (chords) and theory knowledge
  5. It leads to more melodic guitar solos
  6. It improves your memorization of what the notes are in any chord, which in turn helps songwriting.
  7. They are heavily used in metal and neoclassical shred solos, and sound awesome when played really fast.


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