The Different Ways To Tune A Guitar

Guitar Tuners


Following TC Electronics tuner is really cool.
It is to my knowledge, the only tuner where you can hit all 6 strings simultaneously, and tune all 6 strings at the same time.

TC Electronic Polytune Poly-Chromatic Guitar Tuner Pedal

Following clip-on tuners have gotten very popular.
These tuners clip on your headstock, and they read the vibrations of the wood caused by the vibrating string.
The tuner picks up the vibration in the wood and tells you whether the string is in tune, sharp or flat.


Tuning By Ear To Open Strings


It took me a long time to understand and to realize what to listen for when tuning by ear.
You’re listening focus should not be on trying to match the 2 pitches. Your focus of listening should be on trying to get rid of the vibration between the 2 notes.

Page 85 Tuning

Tuning By Ear To Harmonics

I personally always preferred this way to tune by ear to the open string system explained above.
It is easier to hear the vibrations between harmonics than between open strings.

Page 85 Tuning part 2

You basically play natural harmonics by lightly touching the string without pressing the string down, on the fret locations as outlined in the graphic above.
You tune the B string as an open string to a harmonic on the low E string (7th fret).
Tune the high E string as an open string to a harmonic on the A string (7th fret)

Tuning to 432 Hz

There’s been a lot of talk on the internet about the benefits of tuning to 432Hz.
You can do this with a tuner, by calibrating your tuner to 432 instead of 440Hz.

Rather than writing a whole outline about this concept, I wanted to share the following information with you instead because it is an interesting and fun read.

Click HERE to read more about the whole 432Hz movement.


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