10 Good Reasons Why You Want To Master Triads

10 Good Reasons Why You Want To Master Triads

All too often music students think of triads (3 note chords) as being too basic.
They want to rush to “the cool stuff”, those fancy 7th chords. Well folks: “triads” ARE the cool stuff!

Triads are the basic foundation of our harmony. After all, the definition of a chord is: 3 different notes played simultaneously. Here are 10 examples showing that “basic” in this case does not mean “boring”.

Triads are important chords to know about. You should have all your triad inversions memorized in all 12 keys on all string-set.

Here are 10 great reasons to practice them:

  1. Jump (Van Halen, the keyboard part)
  2. Fool in The Rain (Led Zeppelin)
  3. Reggae
  4. Back in Black (ACDC)
  5. The intro to Free Ride (Edgar Winter)
  6. “We Are Family”, “Get up (Like a sex machine)”, and other funky songs.
  7. “Soul Man” (Sam and Dave), and other soul music classics.
  8. The melody of The Star-Spangled Banner
  9. Fret board mastery
  10. Coming up with more melodic improvised lines.


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