ZOT Zin Music Presents: Hudson Henry

I LOVE All The Peeps Who Study Guitar & Music With Me.

I love my students, simply because they make it possible for me to do the one thing I love more than anything else: “Teaching Music”

Without my students, there would be no teaching music for me.

All that being said:

It occurred to me that one thing I don’t do often enough in my blogs is featuring my students.

My blogs talk about the art of music teaching, about music, about guitar education, about the mind, psychology, music theory, guitar, and anything covered in guitar lessons, but not enough about the most important part of teaching: THE PEOPLE!!!

This is interesting, considering that there is probably nothing I enjoy more than putting people I love and work with, into the spotlight.

So here’s the first one in a series of regular ZOT Zin Music student profiles.

World… meet one of my guitar students!
I am very proud of him and what he is accomplishing, and he has become a very good friend in the past year since he became one of my music students:


Hudson Henry.

What better way to introduce the man, than through his music.

Hudson’s most important musical influences are Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, One Republic, 30 Seconds To Mars, Alexisonfire, and Finch.

“Addicted” is the first single off his album that came out earlier this year.
You can hear some of those influences integrated into the song.

I wanted to feature Hudson’s song “Addicted” first because that is literally what I am.

I am “Addicted” to listening to this great song.
I have often had it on repeat since I first heard the song.


When I asked him, Hudson shared that he is currently listening to a lot of the new Nine Inch Nails Album “Hesitation Marks”.
He also has “30 Seconds to Mars” new album “Love, Lust, Faith, And Dreams” on repeat.

Another new band that has taken him by surprise is an Australian band by the name “Twelve Foot Ninja.”
He has also been listening to a ton of electronic music lately.

Hudson is currently working on new tracks for his next album as well as tracks for some other artists he is writing with.
He’s working on a split track with rapper “Wann” which should be released within the next couple of months.

Hudson and his band are also working on a new music video with Simon West’s company for his song “Addicted”. (The song you heard in the above video)

Hudson says following about his guitar lessons.

I started taking lessons with Vreny over a year ago.
In that amount of time, I have improved not only as a guitarist but also as an overall songwriter.

My musical pallet has grown vastly from his unique teaching techniques.
He has also opened my eyes to a different side of chord shapes.

Working with Vreny has been one of the most amazing experiences in my entire life.
He is not only an amazing musician but possesses an ocean of wisdom.

He has become a great friend and ally in the musical world, and I’m planning on working with him on tracks for his new solo album that is currently in the works.

After working with Vreny for a short amount of time I started to notice my songwriting taking a lead musically.
When I would sit down to write a song before I struggled with chords and lead lines.

Hudson is currently recording drum parts to some songs I am producing.
He’s an ace drummer, who studied drums at Berklee College of Music. You can hear his drumming on his album (and in the music videos featured here).

Here’s Hud’s latest music video.

“Falling Down”

Hudson Released His Debut Album “New Eyes”.

Earlier this year, Hudson released his debut album “New Eyes”
Up till first hearing this album upon its release, I had never really heard any of Hudson’s music.

I was floored when I heard the album.

The production, the performances, the songwriting, the energy, the grooves, melodies: EVERYTHING on that album is great!

One thing you hear all the time from your students: “I swear to god, I am really much better and can play much better than you hear me do here in the lessons Vreny!”

You never play your best at your guitar lessons. Your teacher is always your toughest audience.
Every music teacher knows that because they all once were students themselves.
A student is not supposed to sound great in a lesson: because that would mean the teacher is not challenging the student enough.

Not challenging a student enough with new material in a music lesson, is the same as wasting that student’s time, money, and talent.

A lesson is also not a place where the student “shows” what he can do. It is a place where he gets exposed to all the things he can NOT pull off yet.

The great thing about that: is that you always get pleasantly surprised when one of your students gives you their album, and you can hear what they are working on and what they are really capable of.

It was no different when I heard Hudson’s album “New Eyes”. It’s totally amazing.

Support your local artists and Buy “New Eyes” on iTunes
(Click on the album artwork to be directed to iTunes).


The album contains the above 2 songs.
And oh yeah… Hudson plays ALL the instruments on his album.
As you can tell: he IS definitely getting the maximum out of his music lessons. 🙂

In addition to being a recording and performing artist; Hudson does music full time.
He made the leap from a day job to being a full-time pro musician.
If you want to get in touch with Hudson for

  1. Recording your demo or album (He has his own recording and production studio)
  2. Demo and album production
  3. As a session drummer
  4. Session guitarist
  5. Keyboardist
  6. Back up drummer, keyboardist or guitarist for your shows and tours.

You can find all his contact info, listen to more of his music and follow him here:

Cell: 1 (310)-774-1787

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/hudsonhenrymusic
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/hudsonhenrymusic
TWITTER: twitter.com/hudsonhenry1
SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/hudson-henry
REVERNATION: www.reverbnation.com/hudsonhenry

There is absolutely no greater reward for a music teacher than seeing your students do really well.
The greatest reward is seeing your students have tons of fun with guitar and music.
The 2nd greatest reward is seeing your students become really successful doing music.

Hudson is doing both.

Contact him if you need drum parts, keyboard parts if you are looking to record your music, if you need vocals, etc…
Not only is he really good at what he does (as you can tell when you listen to his music and see his videos) but more importantly…

He is also one of THE nicest people you will ever have a chance to work with.
Say hi to Hudson and connect with him in the comments section below.


Hit me up anytime at vreny@zotzinmusic.com if you have any questions, or if you would like to book a lesson to become as good and successful as Hudson.

These free lessons are cool, but you will never experience the progress, joy, and results that my students experience in lessons when you’re learning by yourself from blogs and videos.

That is why people take lessons: way better results and progress, much more complete information, exposed to way more creative ideas than you can get from a blog or YouTube video.
There is only so much that self-study can accomplish.

If you want to see amazing results and progress in your guitar playing, buy your first lesson here and get started ASAP.

  • 1 Lesson = 75

You’ll impress your friends and loved ones in no time with your guitar playing!

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