ZOT Zin Music News: Taylor Swift Congratulates “Hey Violet” on Twitter.

Taylor Swift Tweets about ZOT Zin Music Alumni Hey Violet.

It’s always tons of fun to see your music and guitar students take things further and do really well.

I wanted to give a thumbs up to ZOT Zin Music students and alumni Rena Lovelis (bass, vocals), Miranda Miller (guitar, keys, vocals) and Casey Moreta (lead guitar, vocals) who with Nia Lovelis on drums and vocals, form the Los Angeles Punk Rock band Hey Violet.

Rena, who plays bass and sings, took guitar and music lessons in the past to boost her musical versatility and writing beyond her already accomplished skills on bass. While she’s known as the bassist in Hey Violet, Rena is also a force to be reckoned with on guitar.

Whenever they are in LA to catch a breath between the extensive Hey Violet tours, Miranda and Casey occasionally still drop in at ZOT Zin Music to keep perfecting their guitar playing and musicianship to ever-higher levels of artistry.

They understand that it never stops: there is always room for improvement and always more to learn about music.
Even Michael Jackson, only weeks before his passing, was still meeting up with legendary vocal coach Seth Riggs to train his vocals, in prep for his upcoming London concerts.

Taylor Swift Congratulates Hey Violet

It’s those who keep learning, and working hard, who inevitably end up “making it” and who from there on keep surpassing their prior successes.

Nobody exemplifies this better than Nia, Rena, Miranda, and Casey.
They are constantly on the go, constantly practicing, and doing all the hard work that eventually ends up turning musicians into celebrities.

That is why I was so happy to find out a couple of weeks ago that Taylor Swift had tweeted about Hey Violet.
Hey Violet covered Taylor Swift’s chart-topping song “Blank Space”
Taylor LOVED it so much, she tweeted about it on her Twitter account.

Here’s Hey Violet performing “Blank Space” Live at The Troubadour in Los Angeles.

You can read the full story and get more info here:

Hey Violet Covers “Blank Space” – Article on MTV.com

Hey Violet is about to start their first headlining tour in Europe. Go check them out live if you’re in Europe.
Their sophomore full-length album is planned for release later this year.
Check out Hey Violet here:



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