ZOT Zin Guitar Students In Action

I thought it would be fun to put the spotlight on some of the people who study with me.

I love all these people a lot. They make my day.

I will feature more students on my blog in the next couple of weeks.

Joshua Picard from Ninefinger

Brian Bell

Lauren Rocket from Rocket

Rena Lovelis from Cherri Bomb

Hudson Henry

Annie Trousseau

Andrew Plan

Andy Lange

Ben Leyland

Dakota Lillie


Leah Hanna King

Hope you had as much fun watching these videos as I have every day teaching all my wonderful guitar and songwriting students.

Be on the look out for more blogs about everything guitar, music, songwriting and music education.

Meanwhile: give this blog a rating and give me your feedback in the comments section below. I believe everything can always be improved, and I gladly would implement your suggestions and ideas in this blog or the next

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