You Need to Hear These Screw Ups In Your Favorite Rock Songs

Screw Ups In Your Favorite Rock Songs. .

Here are some more really cool articles I wanted to share.

Fun Screw Ups In Famous Song Recordings

I always like it when I hear (about) little “mistakes” in recordings, like for example Jimi coughing in the intro to Purple Haze. It adds personality to the song and the recording.
Here’s a fun list of screw ups in famous song recordings: Screw Ups In Your Favorite Rock Songs.

New Music Is Always Released On A Friday.

You might have noticed that all new music released by record labels always comes on a Friday and wondered why. There are actually 3 reasons why Friday was chosen as the global release day for new music.
You can read more about that here: Why New Music is Always Released On A Friday

The 98 Best Songs of 1998

In 1998, boundaries blew open, and new music genres were invented each week. The music world kept changing so fast, songs could explode out of nowhere to become huge hits, in a way that was unthinkable just a couple of years later. Fans bought CDs (with money!) at a record-breaking rate. One-hit wonders flourished. Legendary veterans changed their games. Beyoncé was just the second girl from the left in a new group called Destiny’s Child. The sky was the limit, right before Napster arrived and the boom went bust

Here’s a ton of awesome music from ’98: The 98 Best Songs of 1998


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