Yaaay! I Played On Teri Hitt’s New Album. Check It Out!

Yaaay! I Played On Teri Hitt’s New Album. Check It Out!


I am really excited about the release of the new Teri Hitt album “Grace Gravity” that I play guitar on.

I played the recording sessions a while ago and was anxiously awaiting this release.
Yaaayy… it’s finally out. 🙂

All musicians involved had an amazing time and we all have very fond memories of the late-night sessions for this album with Teri and Brian.
There was this cozy atmosphere in the studio, which you can feel on the album.

“Grace Gravity” feels very intimate, soft, warm, loving, but also rich in textures and depth.
The atmosphere of the album oozes out that intimate, late-night calm, tenderness, and peacefulness.

Teri received a great write-up about her music and her new album in The Culver City News last week.

It’s very striking and it says a lot about Teri that all the musicians who played on her album receive credit in The Culver City News album review.
It is pretty rare to get any mention at all when an album gets reviewed that you play on. 🙂

You get it: Teri is an amazing human being!

It shows in her music.

Take it from me: “Grace Gravity” is a fantastic album and I am really proud that I am on the album.
I played some pretty darn tasteful guitar on it.
(Not in the least because of Teri’s and Brian’s ability to create an atmosphere that makes you forget you are in a recording session)

Teri also received great praise for her new album in a write-up she received last week.
Check out The Culver City News and read the album review HERE

Click HERE to check out the album
Click on the album artwork to listen to song fragments.

Here’s all the other musicians who play on Grace Gravity:

Brian D. Hardin,
Michael Dukes,
Michael Fitzpatrick on the cello,
Stacy Cargal
Jeff Reiner and Jim Whelan on guitar,
June Kato on bass,
Christopher Lopez on hammond B3,
Hardin and Whelan on Keys,
Chester C. Washington (Earth Wind and Fire) on Sax and
Corrine Champigny on background vocals.

“With the help of her musician friends, Teri Hitt was able to put together a CD with tracks like “War Against War” and “Immortals” that she hopes will elevate her audience’s awareness of themselves and the world around them.” – Cristian Vasquez, Culver City News

Check out the album and let me know what you think in the comments section below.
I would love to hear from you.


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