Vote For ZOT Zin Music Student Zach Banks

Zach Banks ZOT Zin Music Student

Vote For ZOT Zin Music Student Zach Banks

One of the things that makes being a music and guitar teacher so much fun, is the successes of your students.
It feels really good when you see how simply sharing your love for and knowledge of music adds value and quality to someone else’s life.
It doesn’t have to be big things: just the happiness you see on a student’s face when they leave your studio is enough.

Sometimes a student leaves the teaching studio frustrated… but you always know as a teacher that that frustration or discomfort is going to unfold into a deep feeling of achievement with an accompanying sense of joy and satisfaction when the student practices the material in the days after the lesson.
And yes… I do push my students hard with tough love.

But it always pays off, without any exception.
All that being said: I am super proud of ALL my students, but this time it is Zach who I need to put into the spotlight.

I have the pleasure and the honor to introduce you to Zach Banks.
Zach is 19 and has been studying with me at ZOT Zin Guitar Lessons for about 4-5 years now.

Zach is showing once again that the system works and that you can reach all your musical dreams under the ZOT Zin Music curriculum.
He wrote a new song, did all the programming of all the instruments himself, and entered a guitar and performance competition with his song.

Click on the following URL to check out his new song and vote for Zach:

Zach Banks at the Indi Solo Instrumental Performance Competition

Let’s help Zach win this guitar contest with our support.
I listened to all submissions in this contest.
Nobody’s any match for Zach’s musicianship, BUT he does need our votes to secure his victory in this contest. 🙂
You can vote every 12 hours.

This is exciting.
Let’s have Zach’s back and help him win this thing together. 🙂


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