Triad Substitution Pairs over The V7 Chord

Triad Substitution Pairs over The V7 Chord

This is a continuation from last week’s blog: G and Am Triad Substitutions over a C Groove

It is essential that you check out last week’s blog first before moving on. This will help you understand the material in this blog.

Dm and Em are a really great-sounding triad substitution pair over a G7 chord.

Here are the Dm and Em chords on the top 3 strings:

As discussed in last week’s blog, the reason why triad substitution works is that chords that share many the same notes can be played on top of one another.
To explain this differently: you can play a Dm chord while your friend is playing a G7 chord, and it is not going to clash. The combined notes of the G7 chord and Dm chord sound like a G9 chord.

Dm and Em triads have 2 out of 3 notes in common with a G7 chord.

The notes in a G7 chord are: G B D F

Dm = D F A –> The notes of the Dm chord create a G9 sound when played over a G7 groove
Em – E G B –> The Em chord tones create a G13 sound when played over a G7 groove

If you want to get a taste of how cool this sounds:


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