There Are No Wrong Notes

There Are Only Notes You Don’t Resolve

You never have to worry about playing a wrong note. There is no such thing. There are only notes you don’t resolve.

Every note you play that you didn’t mean to play is an open opportunity to take it somewhere interesting. Repeat the “wrong” note so it sounds like you meant to play it, then resolve it somewhere. This leads to the important lesson to be learned: “There are no wrong notes, there are only notes you don’t resolve.”

As a matter of fact, as a fun exercise: Deliberately hit any random wrong note and see if you can turn it into an opportunity to create really cool melody lines. See if you can find a way to not make it sound like a mistake.

Here’s a hint: Moving up or down a half step will usually resolve any wrong notes. After all, most scales consist of whole and half steps. When you hit a “wrong” sounding note, you’re almost certainly right between two scale notes a whole step apart.

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And Some Silliness

These made me laugh


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  1. Sams Says:

    so true, landed here searching why I cannot find a wrong note that urkes. All the notes work with their own distinct character mixed with all the other notes that share this land of dynamic opportunities up down in out in around about

    January 23rd, 2024 at 8:33 pm