There are 2048 Possible Note Combinations in Music.

There are 2048 Possible Note Combinations in Music.

Yes you read that right: there are only that many possible note combinations in a 12-note system.

Now, I know that I already wrote about this 2 years ago.
You can read this blog here:

There Are Only 2048 Possible Scales In Music

But I wanted to revisit this in a short blog here, because I think you might find following info really cool.

Wayne Krantz, one of my former guitar teachers, who I studied with at Berklee College of Music, published a book, listing ALL 2048 note combinations.
This is really darn cool. 🙂

I checked on Amazon. The book is not available there.
However, you can find info on the book on Wayne’s website here: An Improviser’s OS (Wayne Krantz)
It is for sale here: An Improviser’s OS (Wayne Krantz) sales page.

It will be the best $21.99 you ever spent. 🙂

Did I already mention, that this includes EVERY scale: including all the Arabic scales, Gypsy scales, Asian music scales, scales used in classical music, blues, jazz or every music genre that ever existed for that matter… every chord, every interval, every everything?

I’m not trying to sell you on the book btw, and I don’t have any affiliation with Wayne whatsoever, other than that I studied with him in 2001.
I just really think it’s cool he thought of putting the time into listing all the possible combinations.
It’s so cool I wish I had thought of it first.

Not only that…
Besides the amazing info about all the note combinations: there is a wealth of really profound, unique insights in this fun little book.
I would pay $20 just for the cool quotes or thought provoking insights alone already, which Wayne shares in his book.

Just some quick examples to give you an idea:

“To invent, the slate must be clean”
“Out goes the rock, the jazz, the funk, the blues… to be added later, if desired, by design, not by default.”
“Imitation of an artist is contrary to what any artist stands for: innovation”

Those are just a couple of the vast number of cool insights throughout the book.


This will keep you practicing for a couple of years, if not forever.
I don’t think you can ever fully master such a vast array of information.
Mastery, should never be the end goal anyway, as much as having fun exploring new possibilities in the now, is what it is all about.

Nobody ever “masters music”. 🙂
It’s a living, breathing thing that keeps evolving.

Keep me informed on your progress. You can hit me up in the comments section below.
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I believe everything can always be improved. I’d gladly implement your suggestions and ideas in this blog or the next.

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