The Steps On Your Way To Becoming A Successful Musician

The Steps On Your Way To Becoming A Successful Musician

Following are a bunch of random notes that I distilled over many hundreds of books I’ve read in the past 20 years on spirituality, business, sales, marketing, management, psychology, and life coaching.

The notes are motivating, inspiring, uplifting, but above all: they are also all applicable to the goal of becoming a great musician.

The secret to wealth is committing to 1 idea at a time: FOCUS!!!
Don’t try to run too many businesses.

Maximize your time: stay focused.
The only reason why people fail is broken focus.

STICK to a long-term view: HAVE a long-term view. Think 2 or 3 years out.
DO NOT shift vision. If things are a bit tough, keep going, keep working on it.
THAT IS the way you will succeed. Keep your head with what you are doing.

The best way to help the poor is not being one.
Don’t focus on someone else’s needs. ONLY work on YOUR goals, dreams, and plans.
Everything is about a TRANSFER: “Value for value” !!!!!
All life is, its value to money: the more value you put out, the more money you make.

It is all about small steps.
A successful business is the compilation of a bunch of small victories.
You have to grow.
Every tiny little step is a VICTORY.

The best thing you can do is sell someone a part of your service. You help people make their lives better by doing so.

You have to see yourself as someone who is a millionaire.
Have a lot of value.
Endure a lot, and don’t make excuses: PUSH the boundaries.
Have a vision and a focus.

What is that focus… what am I committed to??? I have to figure this out.
Give yourself 2-3 years.

You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

Read: “Conversations with Millionaires”.

Value for value philosophy.
The only purpose of a business is… making money.

Consist and persist.
Successful people value time like a hawk. FOCUS and be consistent.
Protect and prioritize your time.

A mantra:
I am a salesman and marketer. I am a great salesman, I am a great marketer.
People LOVE giving me money. People LOOOOOOVE giving me money.
Write this down a couple of times a day.
Understand that sales are what brings you income.

Reach more people.
PROTECT YOUR TIME. Don’t waste your time. Value your time.

Become outcome-driven!!!

Procrastination = putting your focus in the wrong places.

Don’t talk about yourself, but LISTEN. Get under people, know what they want, and then serve it to them.
You need to SERVE!!! And then you will sell.

Find what people want, go get it, and then give it to them. What is the ultimate benefit that they want? Use the word “YOU” constantly… CONSTANTLY. The “YOU” perspective is a must.

Find a market that needs your product or service.
1) the market needs to have money
2) you need to consistently know how to reach them.

They have a problem that needs to be solved, want, or need that needs to be fulfilled.

ALWAYS follow up. Persist!!! Don’t just send 1 email: you have to be AGGRESSIVE!!! Follow up… push the boundaries, and believe that your idea/product is THE BEST one ever. Believe in yourself, believe you can do this. You have an obligation to do everything you can to make people’s life’s better by selling your product.

When someone is negative: UNSUBSCRIBE THE PERSON immediately!!!! DO NOT Respond to them. BE DISCIPLINED about this. Don’t waste so much time typing long emails to people who don’t deserve your time.
Don’t deal with time-wasting people. Get them outta your life.

You want to be loved or hated… not tolerated.

3 simple steps:
1) find what people want
2) get it
3) give it to them.

9 words: (Lecture uses Tony Robbins as an example)
1) Tell your story, then
2) Share your results.
3) Sell your system.

If you want to make things happen; identify/find a hungry market. Markets that have a big need or want.
A hungry market has a problem, a want.
2 necessary characteristics of a hungry market:
1) you need to find a market that has money to spend. They need to have money
2) you need to consistently know how to reach them.

What is the objective of a website:
1) You have to bombard them IMMEDIATELY with benefits, grab your target market. GRAB THEM, their attention!!! You start by listing the benefits at the beginning of the site. (use Matt Bacak site as an example)
2) Then: PAIN. “Aren’t you tired of being broke”? “Aren’t you tired of worrying about the bills”??
3) Associate with the reader: “I was just like you, in fact, probably worse!!!” I had hardly enough income to feed my kids, and I went from bankruptcy to 100,000 a week with this system/strategy”.
4) “I am gonna teach you this cause you can do it, too.”
5) You can have audio, video, and photos to your site to the page, to appeal to more of the senses of your visitor. You need to get people’s attention, grab them and pull them in.
6) BE REAL!!!! Talk about your vulnerabilities if needed. If you went through struggles, MENTION them!!!! THIS is the shit people like, connect to, relate to. Make yourself real.

How to get buyers: the goal is to have people come to you.
Don’t chase people. Remember how kids have a way to run away from you when you call them or chase after them.
What do you do when you have 100,000 subscribers.

How do you become an expert in your field; SAY YOU ARE!!!! People want to be led.
You can say ANYTHING and BE anything, AND claim it/SAY IT out loud for all to hear: you just have to BELIEVE it yourself, and then you will be credible, and ALL people are gonna buy it.

BE part of a team. That is the one and only fastest way to get out of the rat race. (cash flow).
Be around a team of people who have the same goal, drive, and mind.

Ponder and meditate on the above thoughts.
As a musician, you are a business person, a salesperson, an artist, a business owner, a marketer, and a hard-working individual who is part of an industry where your success is dependent upon your mastery of the above ideas.
Read them over and again.
Apply them relentlessly.


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