The Prince, Purple Rain and Journey Connection.

Purple Rain Was Inspired By A Journey Song.

Prince Purple Rain

I’ve always been a fan of Prince, but I’m a huge fan of Journey. You will find every Journey album in my CD collection.

That’s why I was surprised when a student friend of mine, Vanessa Reid, told me the following story.
I had no idea and never made that connection before.

Songwriter Jonathan Cain & guitarist Neal Schon from Journey, recall Prince reaching out about similarities to their song “Faithfully”: “I just thought it seriously showed the kind of caring, classy guy Prince was,” Cain tells Billboard.

There’s been plenty of “Purple Rain” in the days since Prince’s shocking death, from onstage tribute performances to last-minute screenings of the 1984 film by the same name around the world. But it turns out “Purple Rain” the song might not have happened without a little cooperation from the members of Journey.

Read the full article here:

Purple Rain Was Inspired by a Journey Song

It was interesting also to find out that Prince was a big fan of Neal Schon’s guitar playing and possibly maybe even influenced by Neal’s playing.


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