The Positive Influence of Music Study on Your Life.

The Positive Influence of Music Study on Your Life.

The Positive Influence of Music Study on your Life.

A lot has been said and written about the positive impact of music studies on intelligence, development, and brain chemistry.
The benefits one gets from learning music, carry over in other areas of the music student’s life.
Math skills logical reasoning skills, social skills, intuition, and decision making are only some of the things that improve in a music student’s life.

Check here for some examples:

The Life Enhancing Benefits You Get From Music Studies

All that being said, I would like to give you some examples of the benefits I experienced in my own life from studying and practicing guitar.
A cool benefit that comes with learning guitar, is that it also automatically improves many other, seemingly unrelated areas of one’s life.

For one: I strongly feel that the reason my wife and I have such a great relationship and why I have so many close, special friends, is because of the patience and peacefulness the study of guitar has grown in me.

The reason why I do so well in life, I strongly believe, is the result of the expanded cognitive skills the study of guitar has sharpened in me.

Through the study of music: I have become a better listener.
As such: I have also become a better communicator… as communicating well with people, is about listening first and foremost.

I have become more aware of the rhythms of life, and the rhythms of other people around me.

Through the study of improvisation, and countless hours of soloing in jams, you become the kind of person who is also quick on his feet” outside of music.
You literally need zero reaction time to improvise on the fly when unexpected things happen in life.
You also start noticing how you always tend to have a sharp verbal response ready when someone throws you witty (or angry) remarks.

Practicing with a metronome really does something with you (and to you).
You learn how to control your inner time. But you learn to control much more than “time”.
You learn how to connect, how to adapt, how to blend in, how to stand out, how to be “on it”, how to be a part of something, how to be supportive (ahhh… the joys of playing rhythm).. how to keep it together.

… how to control your temper… and your emotions.
All life is… rhythm.
Vibrations… are rhythm.

A metronome is a magical thing.
It teaches you so much about life… yet all it does… is beep… over… and over again.

It gives new meaning to the Zen thought:
“Through 1 thing, know 10,000 things”.

All these life skills you get from practicing music, make life a heck of a lot easier.

Music has grown my awareness.
Through countless hours of training yourself to pick up on the cues of the musicians you jam or perform with, you start picking up on these nonverbal and body language cues outside of your musical life as well.

The happiness in my life, I strongly feel, is the result of the self-confidence and self-esteem that the study of music has grown in me, every time I felt that cool feeling of achievement and accomplishment when I tackled yet another cool song or guitar solo.

The study of guitar has made me more patient, more relaxed, more insightful, smarter, more balanced, more humble, more loving, more caring, more sensitive, more knowledgeable, deeper, more flexible, more agile, more open-minded, and so much more.

The study of music… makes you “feel”, more deeply.


If you have similar stories or insights about how your study of music has influenced your life in many different ways, I would love to hear them.
By all means, please share it here.

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