The Los Angeles Library: Fantastic Resource for Musicians.

The Los Angeles Public Library

The Los Angeles Public Library.

I should have written this blog a long time ago.

A while ago, I had a new student who told me she was possibly considering going to Musician’s Institute.

One of the main reasons why she considered going to MI, was “their resources”.

She voiced the opinion that she’d love to continue studying with me instead, but that access to the MI “library of resources” sounded very appealing.

When I asked her what she meant, she responded: “Their library, music book collection, charts, CD and Live DVD collections, and so on”.
She continued: “I wish there was an alternative for this, where I don’t have to pay $8000 tuition to have access to such resources.”

Her eyes widened in surprise when I responded: “There is!!! It’s amazing. It’s huge. An enormous collection of music books, DVDs, music CDs, etc… And, even better: It’s all FREE!”


The LA Library.

Not only that: it feels to me like The Los Angeles Library must be THE best-organized institution in the US.
It’s a breeze: how quick, efficient, and effortless they make everything.
(DMV, CoveredCA health insurance, MediCal,… please take an example of how the LA library people do things).
They get things done.

Did I already tell you: you get everything they do for you… for FREE?

There are tons of branches all over LA (All together called “The Los Angeles Public Library”).
You can contact them (or go through the website) to have an item sent to the branch closest to where you live, to go pick it up there.
You read that right: You don’t even have to drive to the main library building downtown to go pick up a book you want. No wasting time in traffic to go to the library.
I have a library located a 3-minute drive from my house. You probably do too.

Anything I want: I go to , search for it, request it be sent to the closest branch, and go pick it up 1 or 2 days later. Again: all for free.

Talking of efficiency and ease of use: they email you a couple of days before your due date to remind you not to forget to return the book.
The email has a link to the specific page on the site where you can renew your term, in case you would like to keep the book a little longer.

Take Advantage of What The Library Has To Offer.

The LA library has a collection of books on music, bands, guitar, songwriting, theory, composition, and so on… that is a couple of thousand times more vast than any music school collection could ever be.
Most music schools simply don’t have the space to hold such a library.
Just typing in the word “guitar” on the library website, gives you 12,000 books.

This is your tax dollars at work.
There is absolutely no reason, why you shouldn’t be a member of the LA Library.
There are hundreds of lifetimes of learning materials about music there.


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