The Important Goals: Living Out of Your Comfort Zone.

The Important Goals: Living Out of Your Comfort Zone.

How do you know what your most important goals are?

Well first off: what does that even mean, “most important goals”?

Usually: the most important goals are the ones that will bring you much closer to achieving the life of your dreams or a significant rise in income, or a huge step forward in the quality of your life.

The problem is: you might have a couple of goals like that, but unsure how to prioritize them in order of importance, or you might have a hard time distinguishing amongst the many goals you have, which one would be the one that indeed would bring you closest to living the life of your dreams, or raise your income significantly, or tremendously raise the quality of your life.

The result of this “indecisiveness”, is that you eventually let doubt creep up.

Am I going to find the funding to accomplish this?
What if it all goes down south?
What if I am not good enough to achieve this?
What if I picked the wrong goal?
What if…

And we eventually end up back at square one… which is:

What Is the Number One Goal I Should Tackle Right Now?

The good news: there is an easy way to figure this out.
The most important goals, are usually the scariest ones or the ones that worry you the most.

Since it is human nature to want to avoid confrontation, stressful or scary things: that means that the most important goals are almost always the ones you keep delaying or avoiding.

So the solution is:
Ask yourself what the things are that you keep putting off: those are your most important goals.

There is no better place in life, than out of your comfort zone.
That is where you find out who you really are.
That is where you grow, and where you make the most out of your life.

My most important goal last year was the expansion of my teaching business into a school.
It was interesting to notice, how I kept finding ways to sabotage myself with delays, or with doom scenarios, I keep conjuring up.

I had many fears to overcome.

Is this going to work out?
Am I going to be able to win back this substantial expense?
What if I don’t have enough growth in students?
What if I can’t get the funds together to pay the architect?

It was all scary, but man, it’s unbelievable how much my life has gotten better since accomplishing the scary plans I kept sabotaging with my fears.

How do you overcome those fears?

Well, that is an entirely different, vast topic for another blog.

Some quick tips though:

  1. Act… don’t over think. Don’t over plan.
  2. Do something every day to bring you a bit closer to the finished result.
  3. Surround yourself with people who are positive.
  4. Hire people who have accomplished your goal before.
  5. Adopt an attitude of: “I will fix problems as they occur, not worry about them beforehand”.


The more successful people, are the ones who overcome bigger fears and solve more difficult problems than you do.
Live big, dream big!
Life gets exponentially more exciting and enriching each time you overcome your self-imposed limiting thoughts.

You are capable of much more than you give yourself credit for.
If you are not living the life of your dreams right now, this is your wake-up call.
If you have big musical goals, the above info, when applied, will greatly enhance your chances of accomplishing them.

Figure out what needs to change to make your dream life happen, then apply the above and take action.

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