The History of Distortion

A History Of Overdrive and Distortion.

Students very often ask me about overdrive and distortion. They oftentimes wonder what the difference is, how to use these effects, and if one is “better” than the other.
The following video is a bit lengthy at 23 minutes, but it’s super fun to watch and very informative. It’s worth watching the video, just to see the absolutely amazing collection of pedals in the background. The room looks like a toy store for guitarists.

I never do endorsements, but the following is fun to inform you about.
A couple of months ago, I found out about this new line of D’Addario strings that Guthrie Govan strongly recommends.

My new favorite D’Addario NYXL Strings.

I tried them out and totally love them. So far D’Addario’s claims about these strings staying in tune better, and bending farther, seem to hold.


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