The High Cost of Getting “Free” Guitar Lessons from Your Dad.

(This is a continuation of last week’s blog on Learning guitar with a family member or friend.)


(Cute little Aiden, at 14 months still a little to young to learn guitar from dad, even though dad is a guitar teacher) 🙂

What is The Cost of Free Lessons From a Family Member or Friend

The “Free” aspect of learning guitar with a parent, sibling or friend, is no longer so appealing when you are aware of the price you end up paying to get those lessons free.

  1. Slower progress

  2. Which means: waste of your talent

  3. Waste of your time (you could be progressing 5 times more quickly and use the extra free time to do other cool things in your life)

  4. Waste of your musicianship

  5. Bad Habits

  6. Inefficient use of practice time, which a parent is not equipped to detect, guide or fix

  7. Incorrect teaching of material

  8. No guidance in how to practice

  9. Less Accountability: you will not push yourself as hard in your practice when your lessons are with a loved one than when you have those lessens with a real teacher.

  10. Not as much of this cool, uplifting feeling of accomplishment you get when you can play things you could not yet play yesterday.

  11. Less personal satisfaction and joy. (Learning guitar is all the more fun the better one progresses)

  12. Less certainty you are actually learning and doing it right

  13. More insecurity and thus less confidence about your musicianship

  14. Gaps in your knowledge

  15. Seeing the critiques and guidance of a loved one as criticism

  16. Taking things personal much more quickly

  17. Which often leads to tension, frustration, anger, and other negative emotions felt in the lesson experience with a family member. This takes away the fun from learning an instrument

  18. Not looking forward to lessons because of miscommunications with the family member.

  19. Too many distractions in a house, which are not there in a professional teaching studio

  20. No teaching materials, hand outs, or teaching software and backing tracks available which make the learning experience all the more fun and productive.

  21. Lesses progress = taking longer before you discover cool, fun new things on guitar = lesser new adventures coming your way = a feeling of being stagnant and stuck = lesser feeling of achievement

  22. … and so much more.


A great deal of your musical ability, progress, time, and even musical joy gets wasted in the process.

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