The Dim7 Arpeggio

The dim7 Arpeggio Fingerings

You can learn more about the dim7 chord here: The 3 Uses of the dim7 Chord.

The formula of the dim7 chord is: 1 b3 b5 bb7
When you would play this formula on 1 string, you’d notice that all notes are spaced evenly in four 3-fret intervals.
The dim7 chord is a symmetrical chord.

One of the fun benefits that come with symmetrical harmony, is that you only have one arpeggio fingering to learn.
That same fingering repeats on every chord note.

Here are the fingering(s) of the dim7 chord.

You want to memorize the dim7 arpeggio, and practice this in all 12 keys.

A good exercise:

  1. Start with Cdim7.
  2. Play the 4 Cdim7 arpeggio fingerings starting from the lowest position you can start the chord from (Gb, the b5, then from Bbb/A, then C, then Eb).
  3. That concludes all the 4 Cdim7 positions
  4. Go up the circle of 4ths: next chord is Fdim7. Play all 4 Fdim7 arpeggio fingerings starting from the lowest one (starting on 1st fret F)
  5. Then Bbdim7, from the lowest note you can start from. (Abb on the 3rd fret)
  6. Do all 12 keys, up the circle of 4ths. If that is too much, only do 6 or 4 keys a day.

In upcoming blog posts, we’ll have fun with these arpeggios and show some fun ways you can use them in guitar solos.


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