The 13 Most Epic Guitar Solos Ever

The 13 Most Epic Guitar Solos Ever

Star Spangled Banner: Jimi Hendrix

Eruption: Van Halen

Beat it: Van Halen/Michael Jackson

Excellent live version, with Jennifer Batten playing guitar.

This is the isolated guitar track. Always fun to hear iconic solos minus all the rest of the tracks.

This is a fun interview with Eddie Van Halen that you absolutely want to have seen

Venus Isle: Eric Johnson

This is probably one of my all-time favorite guitar solos. Magically melodic. (solo starts at 3:50)

He plays the solo live a bit different

Under A Glass Moon: Dream Theater

Hotel California: The Eagles

Another Brick In the Wall: David Gilmour

Here’s the song live (solo played differently live)

Comfortably Numb: David Gilmour

The epic solo on the studio version (starts at 4:30)

Live version:

Sultans of Swing: Mark Knopfler

Stairway to Heaven: Jimmy Page>

Here’s Led Zeppelin live

Mr Crowley: Randy Rhoads

Bright Size Life: Pat Metheny

Frampton Comes Alive: Peter Frampton

This is an absolute KILLER solo!


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