Some of The New Vreny Songs I Have Been Writing in Past Months

Some of The New Vreny Songs I Have Been Writing in Past 3 Months

I have been writing a vast amount of new music in 2023. I don’t think I have ever written THAT much new material in such a short time. I think some of the reasons for this enormous boost of inspiration are the result of me having cut down a bit on my crazy weekly teaching schedules. I used to teach 50-55 students one-on-one every week. Having brought it down to 35-40 gives me more time to play guitar and let more music come to me again.

Another reason is our move to Santa Clarita. I LOVE living here. Not only is it really pretty here, but for the first time since I moved to the U.S., I am now working from an office and teaching studio that has large windows. My teaching and work spaces always looked like dark bunkers before. I always had to have lights on in my workspace without windows.

But now I have huge windows looking out at an amazing yard. Having natural sunlight come in and being surrounded by tons of trees and flowers has a way of calming, opening up, and inspiring the mind.

I also found that being a home-owner gives a certain level of peace of mind that you never quite have as a renter with a landlord to answer to cutting down on one’s freedom.

Anyhow, I think those are some of the reasons why I am on a roll constantly creating new music.

Here are some of the songs I’ve written in past months.

Legends, Icons and Heroes (Tribute to Tina)

Pep Guardiola Magic in Manchester

I Wonder

Santa Clarita


Songs with Lyrics

Ever since the day I started playing guitar and singing my melodies “la la la laaa” style, I have never ever been able to write lyrics. I tried so unbelievably many times in the past 37 years. My lyrics either sounded forced, stupid, or unrealistic (that is if I could manage to write anything at all). Most of the time when I tried to come up with lyrics, I didn’t even know what to write about or how to get started.
I just couldn’t do it.

While I had resigned years ago by now that writing lyrics is just not my thing, something very weird, inexplicable, and magical happened at the beginning of this year.

Somewhere in January, I felt compelled to start writing, and 20 minutes later I had a completed song lyric. Where did that suddenly come from?
Now 5 months later, I have about 30 new lyrics, and they pretty much all wrote themselves. While rhyming, meter, and matching words to sounds always had been an impossible struggle, I now finish complete song lyrics in 15 – 20 minutes.

I apparently have now become an ace lyric writer with a ton of ideas for things to write about and things to say. I always sucked at writing lyrics, and now I’m like friggin Bob Dylan lol 🙂

I have no idea where this all comes from. Maybe it’s the many many hours I spent in the past year and a half writing and publishing my books.

In any case, it’s a HUGE big deal for me, because not being able to write my lyrics was something that always held me back as an artist. Now, I feel like there are no more limits or limitations and the whole world is wide open for me.

Impressionist Painting

Status Quo

(Not One To) Hedge My Bets

and a couple of joke-songs…

Stop Looking At My Wife

Rubber Pie


Hope you enjoyed it.

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