Scales Named After Composers

Scales Named After Composers

Certain scales are named after composers. This usually happens when a composer really likes a scale and ends up using it a lot. This is a bit like guitar teachers who started naming the 7#9 chord the “Jimi Hendrix chord”. Jimi really liked the sound of the 7#9 chord and used it in many of his songs.

Here’s the complete list of composers whose name became the name of a music scale, or who got scales named after one of their compositions. (The accompanying scale number refers to where the scale is in the scales book I published).

You would simply put the word “The” in front of the name and the word “scale” after the name, as in for example: “The Bela Bartok Scale”.

• Claude Debussy (1279)
• Alexander Scriabin (851)
• Igor Stravinsky (Petrushka Chord, 720)
• Olivier Messiaen (all the Messiaen Modes)
• Bela Bartok (1370)
• Sergei Prokofiev (1656)
• Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1636, 1739)
• Anthon Van Der Horst (1625)
• Alexander Tcherepnin (1542, 1647, 1790, 1879,1954, 1912)
• Oscar Espla (1618)
• Dmitri Shostakovich (1637)
• Franz Liszt (712)
• Toru Takemitsu (814, 815)
• Maurice Ravel (1171, Altered Scale)
• Herb Pomeroy (1171, Altered Scale)
• Josef Rut (1191, Rut Biscale descending scale)
• John Foulds (1241)
• Guiseppe Verdi (1239, 1249, 1677)
• Willem Jeths (1320)
• Eric Satie (1335, Gnossiennes scale)
• Peter Hamel (1660)
• Arnold Schoenberg (614)

A Great Improvisation Truth

Speaking of scales, here’s a fact that, when you keep it in mind while soloing, will greatly improve the quality of your reaction to any perceived “wrong note” you accidentally hit.

When you hit a sour note, simply follow it by a note up or down a half step from there.

Problem solved!


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