Nice Guitars and Fun Musician Stuff

Nice Guitars and Fun Musician Stuff

Silly and Funny Memes


God Creates.

If The Earth Was Flat

Keith Urban

Knock It Off

I have no idea who Kevin is.
This meme must be referring to something in popular culture that I’m not aware off.

Yet, I LOVE Joe Pesci, and just seeing his face on this meme, made it funny enough for me to want to share it.

Another Smoking Weed Joke

Some Gorgeous Guitars

Wooaawww Goulding Guitar

Worn Down Vintage Guitar

The Universe Finish Guitar

Beautiful White Gold Les Paul

Stunning Blue Les Paul

Strat Headstocks

Nice Purple Guitar

Nice Blue Ibanez

Lovely White Strat with Gold Hardware

Guitar with Interesting Color Finish

Interesting Grey Green Colored Guitar

Gorgoues Blue Natural Brown Guitar

Gorgeous Tele Body Painting

Gorgeous Gold Strat

Gorgeous Deep Blue Ibanez

Guitar with Gorgeous Burl Top

Frankenstein Guitar

Guitar With Eye-Catching Headstock

Cool Shiny Pickup Covers

Beautiful Guitar with Burl Maple Top

Blue Drip Vai Ibanez

Guitar with Beautiful Wood Grain

Beautiful Quilted Maple Strat

Stunningly Gorgeous Guitar Neck

Beautiful Blue Snake Guitar

Guitar Neck with Amazing Graphics


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