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Been Working Hard on My Books: 7 Down, 5 More To Go

I have been working like crazy on finishing a vast number of projects I started up in the past decades but never brought to completion. I became a finisher.

So far I’ve published 6 books I had been working on forever. I finished the writing on my fretboard mastery book yesterday. It’s in the hands of the editor now. Seven down… only have 5 more to go (all at various stages of progress).

Here are the books published so far. The first 2 were Amazon Bestsellers. I haven’t done any marketing for the other 4 yet because I need to find the time to get their websites built before I can go all out plugging and marketing the books. I just put them up already so I could get copies to my dad and closest friends haha.

Guitar Essentials

This is my first book. Guitar Essentials is a snapshot of some lessons in my teaching curriculum that I use with my private one-on-one students. A must-have if you need to drill your core, important musicianship fundamentals.

Beginner Guitar Bootcamp

My 2nd book, Beginner Guitar Bootcamp, is the approach I use with my complete beginner students, who without any exception, all walk out of their very first lesson being able to play at least 30 songs along with the record, even if they never played before.

Unlock the Extraordinary YOU

This is my most monumental work. This 600+ page book on learning strategies was developed over 9 years of writing and vast amounts of research. If you want to maximize your learning speed and abilities, you will LOVE this very well-researched book.

Landmark Travels

All 195 countries, all their best, most amazing, must-see attractions. It’s my ultimate travel bucket list. That book had been in the works for many years and required a vast amount of research too.

Become a Super Achiever

Acquaintances, students, friends, and family members have told me so unbelievably many times over the years that they “love my efficiency,” or “are impressed with how quickly I get things done,” or “wish they could accomplish that much too,” that I HAD TO write a book about it. This is the best time-management, energy-management, organization and productivity book out there.

Make Millions Making Music

You are guaranteed to start making money from music alone if you immediately start applying these tips to your career. Reach all your music dream goals now.

If you buy any of the above books, you’d be supporting good old me and help fund the remaining books I am writing.
Thank you.

Last week was an unbelievably hectic week. I had 5 design projects running all at once for the book covers for the remaining 5 books I’m about to publish later this year.

Here are all the covers for the remaining 6 books that are coming soon.

I can’t wait to get all the books published. Getting closer and closer every day. 🙂

AND THEN… starting 2024: I’ll be non-stop recording albums and releasing my music. Starting next year, I’ll be full-time musician again.


Hit me up anytime at if you have any questions, or if you would like to book a lesson.

Playing guitar is a TON of fun, but it is never more fun than when you see mindblowing progress. It becomes a healthy addiction then. A really healthy one: stress reliever, brain training, it brings people together socially, and the cool feeling of achievement you get when you impress yourself with what you can pull off on a guitar… PRICELESS.

If you want to see amazing results and progress in your guitar playing, buy your first lesson here and get started ASAP.

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