My Favorite Most Addictive Music Sites


We all have them, these sites where you just can’t stop surfing the site because the content is so cool.

There aren’t that many musician sites that are addictive, but I think you might get sucked into following.

I know I sure keep regularly coming back to following sites.

So you’re either going to love me or hate me for sharing this info haha… but either way: here it is!

  1. ArtistFacts.

    This is where you can learn super fun trivia, like for example that Freddie Mercury had a stamp collection, or that David Bowie in his art student years, was a student of Peter Frampton’s dad, or that British scientist named a dinosaur after Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits.

  2. Musicians Are So Much Sexier Than Normal People

    Well we all know THAT! 🙂
    This site is effin hysterical.

    Following is one of the endless collection of musician’s jokes and funny pictures on the site.


  3. Cracked.

    “Cracked’ contains a collection of funny blog posts about bands and musicians. (i.e. “23 Insane True Stories Behind Famous Musician Stage Names”)

  4. Funny Music Pictures on FB

    There’s tons of Facebook pages and groups with tons of hysterical music pictures and memes. You can just search from them on FB

  5. Music Quotes

Not music related, but too good not to include on this list.

I wanted to list 2 more sites here because I have had way too much fun on these to keep this info from you.
They are not musician sites, but they are worth mentioning here anyway.

  1. Engrish

    Have fun with hysterically wrong translations to English in Asian countries.
    The captions people place underneath the pictures, are very often EVEN funnier than the picture.

  2. Damn You Autocorrect.

    Hysterical smart phone auto corrections.

Hope you will enjoy the fun stuff on those sites as much as I always do.

Meanwhile: be on the look out for more blogs about everything guitar, music, songwriting and music education.

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